Stage 4 Lung Cancer Prognosis
Stage 4 Lung Cancer Prognosis

You Need to Know about Stage 4 Lung Cancer Prognosis

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Prognosis

Tumor & Cancer. Have you ever stop and take a good look at the scary images of lung cancer on cigarette boxes (or maybe anywhere you ever see one)? Let’s sit and talk about how serious this disease can be. Lung cancer is one of the scariest cancers. As the name suggested, it’s cancer that starts from the lungs. Information about stage 4 lung cancer prognosis it is very important to you.

This cancer can be aggressive with a grim-looking prognosis. Yes, stage 4 lung cancer prognosis is the prognosis of the most advanced condition that gives little to no hope to survive. It becomes even scarier as lung cancer is said to be the most common type of cancer around the world. There are more than a million deaths caused by lung cancer.

Types of Lung Cancer

There are several types of lung cancer. Each type has characteristics that require different treatments for the best results. The most common lung cancer is called NSCLC or non-small cell lung cancer.

NSCLC lung cancer includes adenocarcinomas (starts in lung’s outer part), squamous cell carcinoma (starts in respiratory tract passages) and adenocarcinoma in situ (starts in alveoli). The NSCLC that grows faster usually involves the large-cell neuroendocrine tumors and large-cell carcinoma.

Another type of lung cancer is called SCLC or small-cell lung cancer. This cancer will grow and spread faster compared to NSCLC. It’s also will have a better response to chemotherapy but also less likely to get cured via treatment. The stage 4 lung cancer prognosis of this type can’t be considered good. In some cases on lung cancer, the tumors have both the cells of NSCLC and SCLC.

Another type of lung cancer is called mesothelioma. This cancer is often associated with the exposure towards asbestos that happens in a long time. And this cancer is considered aggressive.

Stage 4 Lung Cancer and Its Grim Prognosis

The scariest thing about lung cancer is not about stage 4 lung cancer prognosis but rather the growth of lung cancer itself. Cancer is a disease that often developed without warning. In many cases, cancer will not be found until it reaches the more advanced stage. This is especially true in the case of lung cancer. A lot of lung cancer cases are found at late stages when cancer already caused more than enough damage to the body.

When lung cancer reaches stage 4, cancer may have spread to both lungs or even spread further to other areas (maybe one or more body organs). The relative survival rate for stage 4 NSCLC lung cancer is only around 1%. For SCLC lung cancer, the survival rate is around 6%.

Needless to say, every individual is different. Every individual will have different outcomes depending on numerous factors such as age, general health, cancer grade and other factors. Stage 4 lung cancer prognosis may be grim but there’s no need to make it even grimmer. The best thing that can be done is to do everything possible to fight it. Don’t lose hope because some people manage to survive for a long time after stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

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