Bladder Cancer Survival Rates
Understanding More about Bladder Cancer Survival Rates

Understanding about Bladder Cancer Survival Rates

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Tumor & Cancer. Just like the other survival rates of other types of cancer, the bladder cancer survival rates are often misunderstood. Many people still think of it as the expected lifespan. It is sad that some people will take it exactly as that. It becomes even sadder because it’s completely a misunderstanding.

The truth is, survival rates only give a general idea on longevity right after the cancer diagnosis. Therefore, one’s life is not exactly as suggested by the survival rates. It could be longer or even shorter. One’s survival depends on multiple factors. These factors are the ones needing attention in order to achieve the best possible result.

What is Bladder Cancer?

Let’s get started by knowing about bladder cancer. This is a type of cancer that attacks the bladder. Usually, it is found in the line of bladder cells known as transitional epithelium. There are several types of this cancer with TCC (transitional cell carcinoma) as the most common type.

Just like the other types of cancer, it may develop to be a life-threatening illness. In the case of bladder cancer, the disease may reoccur for the second time. Bladder cancer survival rates are varied depending on the cancer stage. In the most cases of bladder cancer (around 50%), the life expectancy is high because of early diagnosis.

Bladder Cancer Survival Rates Based on the Stage of Cancer

Let’s dive deeper by knowing the 5-year relative survival rate of each stage. Cancer usually has four stages. But in the case of bladder cancer, there are five stages from stage 0 all the way to stage 4.

  • In stage 0 or also refers as carcinoma in situ is a condition where cancer cells will be found only on the outer part of bladder’s inner lining. The survival rate is around 98%.
  • Entering stage 1, cancer will still be found on the inner lining and not yet invade muscular wall or lamina propia. The survival rate is around 88%.
  • Continuing to stage 2, cancer now spreads further to the muscular wall but has yet to spread beyond the bladder. The survival rate is around 63%.
  • As the cancer grows to stage 3, cancer has spread further beyond the bladder. It may reach the tissue surrounding the bladder including vagina, prostate or uterus. The survival rate is around 46%.
  • At stage 4, cancer spread even further to the other body parts such as the bones, lymph nodes and even other organs such as lungs. The survival rate is around 15%.

By taking a look at the cancer stages above, the difference in bladder cancer survival rates becomes really obvious. Earlier diagnosis and treatment bring about the highest survival rate.

Preventive Steps for the Best

The possibility of bladder cancer prevention is not clear. However, you can always try to prevent it from becoming worse. It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the bladder cancer. When you suspect bladder cancer is developing, report it to your doctor immediately. You can also live a healthier lifestyle to give cancer cells little to no chance of occurring let alone growing.

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