Michael Medved Cancer Story Tumor & Cancer. Michael S Medved is a popular radio shows host. He is also a writer and a film review. On January 30th, 2015 Michael left his job for an absence and wanted to focus on his treatment. He was diagnosed with stage 3 throat […]

Tumor & Cancer-The Importance of Breast Cancer Genetic Testing for Women – What is Breast Cancer Genetic Testing? This is a test that looks for specific mutations changes in someone‚Äôs genes, chromosomes, or proteins. Genetic mutations can possibly beneficial, harmful, uncertain effects, or no effect aka neutral on health. When […]

Tumor & Cancer-Check the Blood Test for Cancer – When you are suspected having cancer, your doctor will order blood test for cancer or other laboratory tests immediately. Other laboratory tests include analysis of your urine and a biopsy of a suspicious area of your body. These tests will help […]

Tumor & Cancer-10 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer-Ovarian cancer or often called as “the silent killer” is actually cancer in women and the most deadly one. Depending on the statistics found in American Cancer Society, there are only 20% to 30% women who alive after diagnosed the late stage of […]