Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer
Some Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer and Risk Factors

Some Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer and Risk Factors

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Tumor & Cancer-Symptoms Of Vaginal Cancer. For women, vagina is considered as the most crucial part of their body. Vagina functions as the reproduction system of women’s body. Therefore, women have to take care of the vagina carefully. They always have to keep it clean and healthy but sometimes women are careless about it. Some are careless that caused disease; such as vaginal cancer. Here, we will talk about some symptoms of and hopefully can help women to be more careful of their health.

Some symptoms of vaginal cancer that women must realize are:

1.Unusual vagina bleeding.

Unusual vagina bleeding might be happened after the menopause or the intercourse. Women should be careful if they experience this case. You can directly consult with doctor for the sake of your safety.

2. Frequent urination.

You have to be careful when suddenly you urinate in often because if can be one sign of vaginal cancer.

3. Pain when urinating.

Women will feel pain in their vagina area when urinating. This can be one of the symptoms of sign of vaginal cancer. You can consult with doctor first to make sure of it.

4. Pelvic pain.

Women feel pain approaching around their pelvic area. This might not be usual pain. Therefore, you should be very careful and wary about this kind of pain.

Vaginal cancer might happen along with some factors, such as;

  • Increasing age.

The older you get the bigger the risk of vaginal cancer. Most women diagnosed to be susceptible to vagina cancer when they reach 60 years old or more.

  • A typical cells in the vagina which is known as vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia.

VAIN cells in vagina appear differently compare to normal cells. This will eventually cause the vaginal cancer. VAIN cells appeared because the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus that can cause vaginal cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers.

  • Exposure to miscarriage.

Some cases of pregnancy women, some of the women consume drug called (DES) diethylstilbestrol which in the end will increase risk of certain type of cancer. This cancer is known as cell adenocarcinoma.

  • Multiple sexual partners.

For some women, including men, it will be very risky and dangerous if they have more than one sexual partner. Why? This is because we do not know exactly whether that men or women are clean and clear from infection or virus. It is not a good idea if you often doing sex with different people because it can increase the risk of having vaginal cancer, or HIV for even worse risk.

From the information above, women must be very careful about their vagina condition. It might be better if they check their vagina to doctor to make sure that nothing bad exists. Hopefully, some symptoms of vaginal cancer and risk factors information provided above can help you especially women to be more careful and pay attention more to the cleanliness of their vagina. Cleanliness is one of the most important factor or thing that all people; both women and men to pay attention the most.

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