Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis
Seeing Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis in a Different Light

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis in a Different Light

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Tumor & Cancer. It’s natural to feel afraid of hearing stage 4 colon cancer prognosis. When cancer reaches stage 4, it has already spread further to the distant organs and lymph nodes. It goes without saying that it’s a dire condition. Because cancer that has reached the most advanced stage has a poor prognosis. However, avoiding this topic is not wise either. Life must go on no matter how short it might become.
But then again, who knows how long one can live on while fighting and enduring such cancer? Nobody. Therefore, it’s time to change perspective. It’s time to see the prognosis in a different light.

The Factors That May Affect Colon Cancer Prognosis

Cancer’s prognosis is affected by numerous factors. One of these factors is obviously cancer’s stage. How far has it spread? Is it localized, regional or even distant? Aside from the stage of cancer, there are several other factors. For the better stage 4 colon cancer prognosis, the following things will need to be considered.

  • General Health – The overall body health will certainly affect the body’s capability to tolerate the treatment and thus affect the outcome. The healthier the body condition, the higher or better chances to deal with treatments and possible side effects.
  • Cancer Grade – This refers to the abnormal cells or the cancer cells that look like normal cells. Low-grade cancer tends to have a better outcome because of the less abnormal cells can be found.
  • Involvement of Lymph Nodes – In some cases of cancer, the cancer cells travel to the other body parts through the lymph system. The more lymph nodes affected by cancer, there will be more chance of recurrence.
  • The Presence of CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen) – CEA is a protein molecul that can be found in blood. Its number may rise with the presence of colon cancer. This will affect the outcome of treatment.
  • Colon Blockage – Sometimes colon cancer causes blockage or growing through the colon wall and causes a hole in the bowel. One of these two conditions will affect the overall outlook.

The stage 4 colon cancer prognosis per individual is different depending on specific details mentioned earlier. The relative survival rate for the people who have stage 4 colorectal cancer is around 13.5%. This is the average number and must not be taken as something discouraging.

Changing Perspective and Stay Positive

The moment of stage 4 colon cancer prognosis announcement will never be an easy thing for the patient and even for the doctor. It’s easy to feel down and afraid. However, a disease must be fought with all strength in the body. Instead of mourning for the current condition, it’s better to remain positive.
Don’t take a look at the stage 4 colon cancer prognosis as a death sentence. Instead, see it as a motivation. It’s the motivation to fight via treatments and lifestyle. Yes, changing lifestyle particularly the daily diet may help to change the initial prognosis. Just remember not to lose before putting at least a decent fight.

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