When was cancer discovered
Question : When was cancer discovered ?

When Was Cancer Discovered ?

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Question About Cancer : When Was Cancer Discovered ?

Cancer becomes the most dangerous disease due to the cell mutation. Cancer is caused by some factors but it is not contagious. One of the common causal factors is the unhealthy lifestyle. If you do not want to get cancer, you must not smoke, drink alcohol, and use or get exposed to the dangerous material. But, when was cancer discovered? Maybe, you have no idea when the cancer was first invented. So, let us find it.

When was cancer disconvered?

Cancer Before Century

Cancer was firstly found in the era of Mesozoic. It was 125 million years ago on the bone of dinosaurs. But, it could be just hemangioma. Meanwhile, cancer was first discovered in human being since 1891 by Dr. Eugene Dubois from the Pithecanthropus erectus who lived in Bengawan Solo valley about one million years ago. In modern people, cancer was firstly discovered in 2500- 1500 BC in Egypt.

The Names of Cancer

The name of carcinomas or carcinoma was first used by Hippocrates, a doctor from Greek about 400 years before the century. This name resembled a disease that could not be healed and it was deadly. Cancer is the opposite of a benign tumor like hemorrhoid and chronic ulcus chronic.

Hippocrates described the presence of breast, uterine, stomach, skin and rectum cancers. In the Humeral Theory he proposed, he regarded the body as consisting of four essential elements, namely the blood of the heart, the phlegmon of the head, the yellow bile of the liver, and the black bile of the spleen.

Cancer occurred because there was no balance of these elements and in the case of cancer, it was due to too much black bile. The treatment was using cauter or burned with a hot iron or smeared with caustic oil.

The Age of Beginnings

A doctor called Galen in 131 -201 AD who worked in Rome learned about animal anatomies such as apes, cows, dogs, and pigs. He suggested that cancer may occur because there were too much black bile and vena which were getting bigger to form breast cancer. He distinguished the tumor with nature and considered that tumor belonged to cancer.

Medieval Times

In this era, the treatment of cancer taught by Hyppocrate was still used. The transition of treatment from the ancient way to modern way began in `17 century with the existence of medical faculty in a university which also taught and developed the basic sciences of a human. Anatomy was first developed by Andreas Vesalius in 1510, anatomy, Physiology, and surgery was developed by Ambroise Para, and bacteriology was developed by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in 1635.

The 17-19 Century

This is called as the age of enlightenment and the age of theory and system. The first cancer hospital was first built in Reims, France because cancer was known to be contagious. Johanner Muller from Germany first developed Pathology that showed cancer tissue consisting of cancer cells, and there were so many more inventions related to cancer in this era.

Well, when was cancer discovered? Now, everything has the answers and you know that cancer has been found since millions ago. By the increase of popular, there are more people who get attacked by cancer. This is also caused by environmental factors because today’s environment has been polluted and it is not healthy anymore.

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