Does Vaping Cause Cancer
Does Vaping Cause Cancer

Question about Vaping: Does Vaping Cause Cancer?

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Question about Vaping: Does Vaping Cause Cancer?

Tumor& Cancer. It is not that long ago when e-cigarette, better known as vape, started to hit the shelves. And today, many people are smoking using this device or vaping. But, there are many questions surrounding this new way of smoking. For example, is vaping safer than smoking regular cigarette? Or does vaping cause cancer?

No need to worry, though. Here we will give you the answer. We will explain briefly what vaping is, whether it is safer than or not and does vaping cause cancer. Let’s start with knowing what vaping really is first.

What Is Vaping?

It is a process of smoking vape, which allows the vaper to inhale nicotine although without other harmful chemicals from tobacco. The vaping devices come with a sensor and computer chip. These two components activate a heater that warms up the liquid nicotine inside each time the vaper takes a draw. When the nicotine warps up, it vaporizes. This then creates a vapor which the vaper can suck through the device’s mouthpiece.

Does Vaping Cause Cancer
Question about vaping : Does Vaping Cause Cancer

Is It Safer than Regular Cigarette?

The process of vaping does not involve burning. This means that there is no smoke created. Also, unlike regular cigarettes, vape does not produce carbon monoxide or tar. However, this is not to say that vape is 100% harmless. Studies have found that vape contains toxic chemicals although it is not as high as what regular cigarette contains. Is it safer than regular cigarette, then? The answer is yes.

Does Vaping Cause Cancer?

So far, the answer is this: vaping is unlikely to cause cancer. This is according to a research done by British American Tobacco. The research compared how the content of regular cigarette and vape affect cancer. It was found that regular cigarette resulted in positive in cancer-promoting activity, even at low concentration (6 micrograms/millimeter). On the other hand, vape resulted in negative. It didn’t show cancer-promoting activity up to 120 micrograms/millimeter.

A study that was done in UCL also concluded that vaping is not likely to cause cancer. The study was done using vapers and regular cigarette smokers as the subjects. According to the study, it was found that the presence of chemical known as NNAL, which promotes lung cancer, is 97% in vapers.

Be Cautious, Though

Although vaping is generally safer than regular cigarette, you need to be cautious. There are a lot of flavoring for vape. Since the chemicals used to make these flavoring differ one from another, this can cause problem. For instance, cinnamon flavoring can cause irritation to the lung. Or, some of the fruit, vanilla, alcohol, candy or maple flavorings have been found to contain a substance known as diacetyl. Diacetyl is the cause of popcorn lung. Popcorn lung causes lots of problems. From headache, fever, wheezing to dry cough that seems won’t go away.

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Does vaping cause cancer? Unlikely. Is it safer than regular cigarette? Yes, it is safer. However, the chemicals involved in flavoring of vape can cause other health problems such as lung irritation or popcorn lung, which we are sure you don’t want. So, be cautious. Be aware of what you are smoking and try to make sure that it is safe for your health.

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