Liver Cancer Life Expectancy
Liver Cancer Life Expectancy

Learning about the Factors the Liver Cancer Life Expectancy

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Liver Cancer Life Expectancy

Tumor & Cancer. Liver cancer or hepatic cancer is one amongst the many scary cancer types that may happen. This cancer may happen due to a number of reasons including lifestyle, daily diet or even environment. There are also cases of liver cancer that happen because of other liver diseases. This cancer attacks the liver and may become life-threatening illness once it reaches the fourth stage. Questioning liver cancer life expectancy becomes very natural considering its seriousness. Finding the answer is a little tricky because every individual has different factors to be considered.

What are the Factors of Liver Cancer?

In the most cases, people catch this cancer while getting trapped with other liver diseases that leave cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is one of the most common factors of hepatic cancer. Cirrhosis is the damage that occurs in the liver for a long time. The causes of cirrhosis can be any chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis or the usage or abuse of alcohol.

Chronic infection of hepatitis B is known to be a risk factor as well even when it occurs without cirrhosis. Aside from the liver diseases and scars, it’s possible that cancer happens due to environmental factors, lifestyle, and even everyday foods. Depending on these factors, the liver cancer life expectancy may be not as bright as expected.

The Survival Rates and Life Expectancy

Let’s start talking more about the liver cancer life expectancy and survival rates. Hepatic cancer is the same as other cancer. It can grow to be a real serious condition that even threatens life. Depending on the factors mentioned above as well as the severity ofcancer itself, the relative survival rates will be different. Liver cancer itself is categorized into three stages.

  • At the localized stage, the cancer is still found within the liver. The treatment is still relatively easy with survival rate around 31%.
  • When cancer enters theregional stage, cancer can be seen spreading to nearby lymph nodes or organs. The survival rate for this stage of hepatic cancer is around 11%.
  • As liver cancer enters the distant stage, distant organs and body tissues have been affected by the condition. In this level of severity, the survival rate is only around 3%.

There is still hope to increase the survival rates and thus increase the liver cancer life expectancy. According to studies, people who have their cancer removed regardless stages will most likely do well with 50% overall survival rate. If the liver cancer is in the early stage, the survival rate may increase up to 70%. Keep in mind that this happens to people who don’t have cirrhosis or other serious liver illnesses.

Can You Avoid or Prevent Liver Cancer?

In the case of liver cancer, prevention is more important than ever. Keeping a healthy liver is the key here. And this means cirrhosis prevention. Yes, this scar on the liver is scary! Try to avoid it by all means. It’s also important to get medical checkup regularly to ensure the well-being of the body.

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