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Tumor & Cancer. Ironwood Cancer Center Is Here. Cancer somehow has been a troublesome disease which is very dangerous for human. Cancer causes people to suffer and even end up their life with death. Some hospitals are not specifically designed to cure cancer but there is clinic center or hospital that specifically cures cancer. One of the well-known cancer centers is Ironwood Cancer Center. Here, we will talk about Ironwood Cancer Center that might be very helpful to gain reviews of the clinic center.

Ironwood Clinic Center has a good mission which gives the best cancer care by knowing each values and needs of each individual patient. Not only good mission, Ironwood Cancer Center has beautiful state-of-the-art integrated Cancer and Breast Centers, along with 9 treatment centers, 2 business offices, 50+ physicians, and over 500 employees. Each of the centers provides one superior cancer with full spectrum of the cancers that might be related services to the patient. Ironwood Cancer Center has grown up, even now, Ironwood has provided multi-spatiality treatment and care for more than 30.000 patients across the Valley.

Some review about Ironwood Cancer Center:

Website :
Headquarters : Chandler, AZ
Size : 501 to 1000 employees
Type Company : Private
Industry : Health Care
Revenue : Unknown / Non-Applicable per year
Competitors : Unknown

Ironwood Cancer Center provides best services by providing clean and beautiful place. The building is also easy to be accessed. Ironwood Cancer Center has offices in some places such as, Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. All of the staff is super friendly which make all the patients feel to be treated very well. Ironwood Cancer Center has a very huge waiting room and all the services are done on time. Every patient will have one oncologist who will be responsible for their PET scan results.

Ironwood Cancer Center indeed gives the best service to all patients by providing very high educated doctors. Some doctors are divided based on their individualized care, those doctors are;

A. Gynecologic Oncology: Mario Javier Pineda MD, PhD
B. Breast Surgeon:

  • Zeynep Bostanci, MD
  • Carrie Cashman, MD, FACS
  • Laura Champagne, MD, FACS
  • Patricia Clark, MD, FACS
  • Gary Eden, DO, FACOS
  • Edgar Hernandez, MD, MS, FACS
  • Emily Ho, MD, MS
  • Rashmi Vaidya, MD, MS, FACS

C. Radiology

  • Tobias Schifter, MD, FACR
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Aaron Ambrad, MD
  • Patrick R. Miller, MD
  • Murali G. Murty, MD, MPA
  • S. Eric Olyejar, MD
  • Mark K. Ono, MD
  • Diane C. Recine, MD
  • Davis A. Romney, MD
  • Alice F. Tsai, MD
  • Charles Woo, MD

D. Medical Oncology

  • Asma Anwar, MD
  • Harrison J. Bachrach, MD
  • Rajesh Bagai, MD
  • Rakesh K. Bagai, MD
  • Andrei Balandin, MD
  • Puneet Bhalla, MD
  • Elisa Tso Bomgaars, MD
  • Monique Chang, MD
  • Marvin M. Chassin, MD
  • Chad Cherington, MD
  • Ian B. DeRoock, MD
  • Neel K. Dharia, MD
  • James Ewing, MD
  • Luke Halbur, MD
  • Jeffrey D. Isaacs, MD
  • Sujith R. Kalmadi, MD
  • Roopesh K. Kantala, MD
  • Tara Iyengar, MD
  • Tejinder P. Kaur, MD
  • Christopher Kellogg, MD
  • Parvinderjit Khanuja, MD, FACP
  • Leslie Klein, MD
  • Anita Koszyk-Szewczyk, MD
  • Rajesh N. Kukunoor, MD
  • Michael Long, MD
  • Boo Ghee Low, MD
  • Sumeet K. Mendonca, MD
  • Michael Musci, MD, PhD
  • Joseph Nabong, MD
  • Karen Ortiz Cruz, MD
    Yelena Patsiornik, MD
  • Clayton R. Polowy, MD
  • Jason A. Salganick, MD
  • Christine Saraceni, DO
  • Darshil Shah, MD
  • Mikhail I. Shtivelband, MD, PhD
  • Rohit Sud, MD

Ironwood Cancer Center has provided doctors with their specialized on each individual which will make sure that the patients treated well. Ironwood Cancer Center is very highly recommended cancer center especially for breast center. Hopefully, the information above helps you finding out the best cancer center. Live a healthy live!


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