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Information Details Michael Medved Cancer Story

Information Details Michael Medved Cancer Story

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Michael Medved Cancer Story

Tumor & Cancer. Michael S Medved is a popular radio shows host. He is also a writer and a film review. On January 30th, 2015 Michael left his job for an absence and wanted to focus on his treatment. He was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer. He was actually diagnosed in the middle of December, but he intended to attend his work since cancer throat is basically curable, as he said on his blog.

“in the great majority of cases, this is a highly curable form of cancer. In fact, given my fierce desire to keep doing the show I managed to broadcast every day while completing more than half of my daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy treatments”.

He went to the hospital in the morning and off for work after his appointment. Because of this, his doctor warned and said that this could turn to a difficult issue. Finally, he made his absence in January after he found out that his voice did not cooperate, as he writes “my confidence and good spirits would lead me to go on but my voice – the most essential tool in radio – won’t cooperate”.

He took his treatment consisting of radiation and chemotherapy on the best hospital there. Leaving his job was a big deal for him since he loves his job so much as reflected how he writes on his website, A Personal Note to My Radio Family.

From the story of Michael Medved cancer. We might get some points that in many cases, cancer throat is curable, but somehow it could go even worse if you do not take your time for a serious treatment. Throat cancer is cancer that refers to any cancer cells that grow in the larynx or pharynx area. This also divided into two based on the throat parts. Pharyngeal cancer happens in your neck and your throat while laryngeal cancer happens in your larynx or voice box.

Here are some explanations about throat cancer regarding with the symptoms and signs, treatments, and how to prevent throat cancer.

1.Symptoms and signs

Here are some symptoms and signs that might lead to a more chronical throat issue.

  • A change in your voice
  • Having trouble swallowing certain foods
  • Losing weight
  • Throat discomfort
  • Swollen in the lymph area
  • Ear pain
  • Coughing, usually chronical

If you are having some of those symptoms, go to your doctor to discuss your throat condition.


For treatments, the doctor usually applies one of these or a mix of these treatments. They are:

  • Surgery: The doctor may do the surgery based on your throat condition. The surgery itself is divided into three, laryngectomy, pharyngectomy, and neck dissection.
  • Chemotherapy: When your tumor has spread into the lymph nodes, the doctor may recommend you to take chemotherapy. It works as killers for your cancer cells as well as to slow down the growth of it by drugs.
  • Radiation Therapy: It is used for a more critical condition, where the tumor has spread to other parts of your body using high-energy rays to kill the cancer cells.

The case of Michael Medved cancer can be an inspirational story for us to do some preventions to reduce the risk of getting cancer throat. If you are quite a smoker, then you might want to stop smoking. Try to reduce your alcohol consumption for a better lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. The last but not least, consult with your doctor if you have some of the symptoms above and ask for what treatment works best for you.

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