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Hope 4 Cancer Reviews

Tumor & Cancer. Hope 4 Cancer Reviews

Michael Stephenson (Prostate Cancer)

Leaders Promoter; Cisco Systems, Former Senior Organizational Health & Individuals Effectiveness Leader

The care he received in the practice was a Hope 4 Cancer patient and enamored Michael. It’s similar to attempting to describe warm Caribbean breeze or a delightful morning dawn allows you to feel. No one is going to have the ability to let you know what you’ll then comprehend before you experience it yourself. There aren’t any “God complex” physicians, no nurses that are rude with no administrative cold shoulders in this modest and life altering/saving association. My family and I are eternally in their own debt and it’s also among my life’s finest honours to say these folks are my buddies. I will be a cancer survivor.”

Robert G. Wright (Director, American Anti-Cancer Institute)

Distinguished health writer and entrepreneur, Robert Wright, talks highly of Hope4Cancer in his novel “Killing Cancer, Not People”. “Tony” as he’s affectionately called, is a “hands on” doctor who, simply put, will look after you. I met Doctor Tony at a convention in La and it may really be said that’s a genuinely nice man as well as a compassionate servant of cancer patients … I’d strongly advise this practice if you’re a person who’s profoundly afflicted with cancer and actually wants complete attention. Inquire it – I ‘d.”

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Ann Keen (Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Stage 4)

I was diagnosed by my oncologist to possess triple negative breast cancer. I was just given 1-1/2 years to That was their opinion, not mine! I understood there was a remedy. There was hope! It was came across by me . I am happy to say that my reports point to the truth that I am beating on my cancer! On top of that, I have found a new family that offers me all the love and support I need to fight this.

Dr. Valerie Donaldson, M.D. (Medical Director)

” Every ailment is multi-causal and multifaceted. Cancer is not any different. At Hope 4 Cancer, a patient is treated as a whole multi-faceted exceptional man, who is given and instructed the best way to make use of while they learn just how to care for themselves, treatments to place their cancer into remission. This really is not merely a cancer treatment facility, this is a center for wellness where individuals learn the best way to flourish. I highly recomend it for any cancer patient.”

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Trina Hammack (Ovarian Cancer Stage 4)

Trina continues to be free from ovarian cancer. Dr. Tony is an amazing physician who takes the time to truly understand his patients on a private level and works hard to fulfill their needs medically, emotionally and spiritually. His gentle and kind character is evident in the minute you meet with him. Once I had been given a horrible prognosis after the surgical removal of a melon-sized ovarian tumour, I understood where to seek help. It’s comforting to realize there is a spot for cancer patients to go find and to fix hope. Thanks, Dr. Tony!”

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