Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer
A Closer Look at the Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

A Closer Look at the Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

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Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

Tumor & Cancer. When it comes to cancer stages, ovarian cancer might be one of the cancer types with the more specific staging. Every stage of ovarian cancer has at least two classification groups. Not only that, the relative survival rates will be different as well. Depending on the stage and sub-stage, a patient of stage 3 ovarian cancer may have survival rate ranging from 39% to 59%.

Now, let’s focus the attention on stage 3 of this cancer. This is the more advanced stage of cancer. As you can already guess, cancer has started to spread further beyond women’s reproduction organs albeit not as distant as stage 4.

Characteristics of Ovarian Cancer That Reaches Stage 3

When ovarian cancer reaches this stage, cancer is not only found in one or even both ovaries. Instead, cancer has spread further. In general, it spreads to the abdomen (to the lymph nodes or the lining). In the more details, every sub-stage of stage 3 ovarian cancer is different.

  • In Stage 3A, cancer will also be found in the abdominal lining or within the retroperitoneal lymph nodes or the lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity. It may also be found in the other pelvic organs.
  • In Stage 3B, cancer spread beyond ovaries to the nearby pelvic organs. The cells of this cancer may also be found on the outer of lymph nodes or spleen or liver.
  • In Stage 3C, there are larger cancer cell deposits found on the outer part of liver or spleen. Or, it may also spread even further to the lymph nodes.

The Survival Rates and Life Expectancy

As aforementioned, the relative survival rates of stage 3 ovarian cancer depend on the cancer stage. And the rates will also be affected by the types of cancer. There are three different ovarian cancers.They are epithelial, stromal and germ cell. Most cases of ovarian cancer (around 90%) involve the epithelial tumor. Cases involving stromal tumors rarely happen while the cases involving germ cell tumors are even rarer.

In general, the relative survival rate for stage 3 epithelial ovarian cancer is 39%. To be more précised, it’s 59% for 3A, 52% for 3B, and 39% for 3C. For stromal ovarian cancer, the rate is around 65%. And for the germ cell ovarian cancer, the rate will be around 87%.

The Possible Treatments for Ovarian Cancer

When you are diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, you will have two primary treatments, the surgery, and chemotherapy. Depending on general health condition, the area of cancer spreading and cancer’s speed of growth, a surgery may be needed. The surgeon will remove cancer as much as possible.

Chemotherapy will be done after you recover from surgery. The aim of chemotherapy depends on the result of surgery. If the surgeon is able to remove all cancers in a surgery, the chemotherapy’s aim is to reduce the risk of recurrence. But if there are still cancers left, chemotherapy will be used to shrink cancer. In some cases, another stage 3 ovarian cancer surgery may be needed.

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