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breast cancer research and support fund
Tumor & Cancer. When you making breast cancer research and support fund, look for organizations which spends minimum 70% if the budgets on program costs. In the midst of our economy situation right now, giving breast cancer research and support fund might not be our top priority. But no matter how the crisis in economy has affected you and other people, we can’t ignore the people who need for more research and support fund into this disease. Based on statistics, it reveals that more than 200,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

When you are considering making breast cancer research and support fund, make sure to think about where the money is going. There are some organizations which can help you figure out how your fund measures up. In general, you have to look for an organization that has a high possibility of spending on program costs. It means that the organization gives a large number of its budget to the research and support fund, and not to mention services it claims provide. According to American Philanthropy and Charity Navigator, a good organization will spend at least 75% of the budgets on program costs. And anything below 30% means that the organization is not fulfill to its mission.

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Choosing Breast Cancer research and support fund to donate can mean sifting through hundreds of options. You can search some organizations by deciding where you want the money to go, whether its charities, research, education, treatment, or outreach. Or based on range of charities, whether it’s small or lager, local to national. Below are some organizations which focus on research and support fund for breast cancer.

A Breast Cancer Donation Guide

1. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the only organization of breast cancer with an A+ rating from the American Philanthropy and Charity Navigator. You can check their website ( and see where the money comes from and going to. Some corporate partners such as the Estee Lauder Companies and Ann Taylorare the donators to this organization. With those partners, as well as individuals, more than $200 million has been raised. And where the money goes? The organization supports research which focuses on giving patients the right medicines, discovering new treatments. They are also finding the cure and method of prevention for breast cancer. The organization said that a minimum of 85 cents for each dollar donated goes to research and awareness programs.

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2. Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The website is and the organization was found in 1982. Susan G. Komen has been fight a three-year battle with breast cancer. And when she lost the battle, her sister, Nancy G. Brinker made a promise to do everything to end this cancer forever. The money come from a variety of fund-raising events such as the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk or a program with companies such as BMW and New Balance and also contributions from many individuals. Eighty five percent of money goes to breast cancer research and support fund as well as treatment.

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