Breast Cancer Awareness Facts and Ideas

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breast cancer awareness facts

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts and Ideas – When October comes, you will be seeing pink color much everywhere you go. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people working hard to raise awareness of breast cancer along with the sporting of the signature pink color. There are many creative and sometimes even elaborate ways to raise the awareness. If you want to participate in this awareness but you only have a short time, there are many simple ideas you can use to get involved.

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts

In the United States, one out of ten women is diagnosed with breast cancer. And more than 200,000 women are the fighter of breast cancer with 40,000 women die from it. The National Cancer Institute offers the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool and you can learn from it about your personal risk. Talk to your doctor if you have the symptoms of breast cancer and learn about participating in clinical trials. Moreover, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women too.

From these breast cancer awareness facts above, we can conclude that breast cancer is dangerous. You can check it by mammograms. And if you can’t afford mammograms, there are many clinic that offerings free mammograms on October. You need to schedule your mammogram, the faster the better.  And we need to support any woman who affected by breast cancer. If you have friends and family who is fight breast cancer right now, encourage them! Let’s show your support in breast cancer awareness.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas

  1. Increase awareness in surrounding community. You can increase awareness by wearing the symbolic looped pink ribbon. Share the information about breast cancer awareness facts to your friends, family, and many people. You can get any information and facts about breast cancer on internet, you can also make your own pink ribbon to raise the awareness.
  2. Eat and drink pink. This idea is simple yet enjoyable idea to support breast cancer awareness. Find all the delicious pink food and drink around your town such as strawberry cake or milk. Or you can find local business to participate this event by offer special pink dishes, drinks, or desserts. Make the donation from it, and the bill of those pink food and beverages have a portion that will go towards the donation.
  3. Participate in a fundraising walk or run. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the largest breast cancer organization in the world. And they are the leader when it comes to raising breast cancer awareness facts and funds. This organization always held runs 3-Day for the Cure walks and also the Race for the Cure. You can participate in one of these events. The fund from both events will go to breast cancer research and many program dealing with this disease.
  4. Share information on social media. Social media has a power in sharing information. You can use your social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to share breast cancer awareness facts.

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