Breast Cancer Awareness Decorations Ideas for Meeting

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Breast Cancer Awareness Decorations Ideas

Tumor & Cancer-Breast Cancer Awareness Decorations Ideas for Meeting-Every October many people celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And this celebration means so much to so many different people all over the world. Whether you are a fighter of breast cancer or you know someone who has it, the number of people affected by breast cancer is surprising in some way. Although we still in the early of 2017, but we can start to think about breast cancer awareness decoration ideas.

According to Center for Disease Control, breast cancer is most common found in women. And the number of people who diagnosed with breast cancer reach over 200,000 people last year. So, we have to make an effort to give support to everyone who have experienced breast cancer. And we also give strength to the ones who have supported and loved someone through it. Those ideas below will help to raise up the month of October with love, support, and hope.

There is an easy way to bring awareness to the people around us who have been fought and affected by breast cancer. And there is also an easy way to honor them.

We can make reminders and visuals that it can be seen easily by people. Because October means fall season, there is better way to cheer those people by making breast cancer awareness decorations ideas with element of fall and Halloween.

3 Breast Cancer Awareness Decorations Ideas

1. The Hope Pumpkin
The pumpkin may be the symbol fruit of fall and Halloween. But we can decorate it with simple modification so it can be a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You can find many breast cancer pumpkin design ideas on the internet so it can be the item for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You can paint the pumpkin with pink color. Use simple craft DIY everywhere and paint the entire pumpkin with pink color to show some support to the patient.

After you paint it, don’t forget to paint or carved the word “hope” into the pumpkin. Although it is just one simple word but it can encourages others to care and spray to hope for a cure. The last design will be ribbon. Paste a pink ribbon on the pumpkin.

The pink ribbon symbolizes a growing support for breast cancer. By using the pink ribbon, it means that you also show some care to them. Use a flameless candle to add a warm glow inside.

2. Breast Cancer Scarecrow
Scarecrow is one of best breast cancer awareness decorations ideas that you can use. The function of scarecrow is to scare away the crows. Make your own breast cancer scarecrow.

It can be a creative decoration idea. Make your scarecrow with a strong female by dressing it up with dress and long hair. You can choose pink clothes or pink ribbon as the outfit.

3. Awareness Web
Use spider webs to show your support and care! Make a web with rope. Write the name of people who affected by breast cancer that you know and add one spider for every name. Hang the spider outdoor.

That’s 3 breast cancer awareness decorations ideas.

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