Brain Cancer Survival Rate in United States

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brain cancer survival rate

Tumor & Cancer. Brain Cancer Survival Rate in United States-The average year of someone possibly survive fully from cancer is when it is overdue 5 years. However, expert says that everyone has their own survival rate depend on their condition. For brain cancer, since it centered on brain, the chance of metastasis is high. The stage of the cancer also influences the survival rate. People who get treated early have higher chance to recover. However, the brain cancer survival rate for those who are late in diagnosing the illness is higher. As noted by CBTRUS or Central Brain Tumor Registry in The US, the survival rate varies widely depend on the age of the sufferer.

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It is estimated that at least 23,770 adults will be diagnosed with brain cancer with 13,350 are men and the rest are women. It indicates that brain cancer is nite likely to get suffered by men. The brain cancer survival rate generally is better for those who are still in young age as their cells are still capable to regenerate. According to CBTRUS, people in age range 20-44 has 17 percents survival rate for after 5 years, for 45-54 age range, the survival rate decreases to 6 percent and for 55-64 years old they only have 4 percent of the chance they could live after 5 years suffering from this cancer.

The Factors That Contribute to The Variation of Brain Cancer Survival Rate

It has been hinted before that some factors contribute to the survival rate of brain cancer sufferer. The first factor is the stage of the brain cancer when it is diagnosed. It is important that to avoid the vicious cell to spread to other parts of body, one need to get treatment in early stage. However, it is late discovered, any treatment may not work in maximum. The second factor is the age. The younger, the higher the brain cancer survival rate where younger people have chance to keep alive since their cells are still working so any degraded cells can be replaced quickly.

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Other factor contributes to the brain cancer survival rate is the condition of one’s health. People with weak immune system should have higher chance to catch other diseases that makes suffering even worse. People are likely suffers from illness if they cannot manage what they feel and thought well to survive from brain cancer. Moreover, the common rate usually is not done so far from the physical condition for the patient. The location of the cancer is actually also plays part. The easier the location of the cancer, the easier the surgery will be.

While these factors above contribute to the survival rate, the subtype of this cancer also have different survival rate. According to CBTRUS, people who have highest survival year are those who suffer meningioma with 92 percent, followed by ependymoma with 91 percent for the 20-44 years old. The Oligodendroglioma patient has about 85 percents, 76 percents from 45-54 age group and 64 percent for the elderly.

That is all about the brain cancer survival rate and how it affects people based on different factor from age, experience, and therapy.

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