Brain Cancer Facts That You Should Know !

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Brain Cancer Facts

Tumor & Cancer-Do you know that more than 700,000 people in the world are affected by brain cancer? This cancer can be deadly and will change everything for the patient and the family member. And the average survival rate of brain cancer is only below 40%. Read more about brain cancer facts below.

Brain Cancer Facts : About the Brain

Our brain is a soft and spongy mass of tissue. And it is protected by 3 thin layers of tissue (meninges), watery fluid which is called cerebro-spinal fluid which flows through spaces between the ventricles and meanings within the brain, and the bones of the skull. The brain is very vital to our body. It direct the things that we want to do such as talking or walking and do things that our body does without thinking such as breathing. Our brain is also in charge of our personality, memories, and senses, such as hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. There are 3 majors of the brain which are:

  1. Brainstem. It will connect the brain with the spinal cord and also control blood pressure, body temperature, breathing, and some other basic functions of our body.
  2. Cerebrum. The use of the cerebrum is to control thinking, reading, speech, learning, and emotions.
  3. Cerebellum. It controls our balance for standing or walking and other complex actions.

Brain Cancer Facts : Risk Factors

When you are diagnosed with a brain tumor, you may wonder what may cause it. Until now, nobody knows the exact causes of brain cancer. Many doctors rarely know why someone can be affected with a brain tumor. There are 2 risk factors why someone can develop a brain tumor, which are ionizing radiation and family history. Ionizing radiation is a radiation from high dose of x-rays and other sources. It can cause the cell damage in our head that leads to a cancer while family history also plays a very small part of it. Brain tumor is rarely run in a family.

Facts of Brain Cancer : Symptoms

Brain tumor symptoms depend on tumor size, location, and type. The symptoms may be caused when the cancer harms a part of our brain or it presses on a nerve. The most common symptoms of brain tumor are headaches which usually worse in the morning, having problems with walking or balancing, having problems with memory, changes in personality, mood, or ability to concentrate, changes in vision, speech, and hearing, tingling or numbness in the arms and legs, and muscle twitching or jerking. But another health problem can cause those symptoms. So you have to go to the doctor immediately when those symptoms happened.

Brain Cancer Facts : Treatment Options

Surgery is the first treatment that suggested by the doctor for most brain tumors. Your scalp will be shave, but it won’t need your entire head shaved. The doctor will remove the cancer as much as possible. Radiation therapy is the other option for those who can’t have surgery. It kills brain cancer cells with high x-rays or gamma rays. Chemotherapy also sometimes used to treat this cancer.

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