Bone Cancer Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Bone Cancer Signs

Tumor & Cancer. Bone Cancer Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment-Cancer is among the deadliest illness. Cancer has several types that each of it has its own stages and severity. Usually it is classified by where the tumor cell grows. The generally known cancer may be breast cancer, skin cancer, and lung cancer but there is one type of cancer that is not less deadly, it is lung cancer. The first noticeable bone cancer signs are pain in bone area and difficulty to move. However, the first stage of bone cancer may not be noticeable. Here are some signs and symptoms of bone cancer that worth to be cautious of.

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1. Pain Felt In Bone
Since it is bone cancer, the tumor cell grows in the tissue of bone. The growth can destroy the tissue, therefore, causing pain felt in the bone area. This bone cancer signs may not be constant felt. The pain may be absent for some days but it can resurface again. The symptom of this cancer that differs from normal pain is that the pain feels deeply in the bone part as if something got stabbed into it. The pain grows are worse and usually act up during night.

2. Swelling in Body Area
The swelling usually comes later after the bone pain. The swelling can be felt like a bag or lump in the area where the cancerous cell grows. The lump can be felt like a mass of something growing. If it grows in the neck bone area, the bone cancer signs may manifest in difficulty to swallow, and difficulty to move the neck. Swelling happens because the cancerous cell grows in joint. The swollen joint may get stiff and make it difficult to move.

3. Bone Fractures
Since the cancerous cell destroys the tissue in the bone, it will weaken the bone, causing the bone to be vulnerable to fracture. This may be followed by sudden pain as small part of the bone gets fractured. Not only the fracture causes pain, it can also cause limping. The limping is because some parts of the bone no longer have the strength to support body. The bone fracture usually happens in the later stage of the cancer.

Treatment for Bone Cancer

If any of these bone cancer signs and symptoms occurs, it is highly recommended to seek expert health. The first treatment any of potential cancer patient is diagnostic test. After diagnostic test, the health expert will determine the stage of the cancer. The common treatment for cancer, including bone cancer is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a treatment using special chemical that can root out all cancerous cells. The therapy may cause hair loss due to the chemical strength.

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Another treatment for bone cancer is radiation therapy. Using radiation, the cancerous cell will be abolished. Radiation usually used to ensure all the cancerous cells are gone since in radiation therapy it requires all parts of the body to be checked using MRI. A surgery may also be done to remove the lump that surfaces to avoid the increase of severity of the surfaced bone cancer signs.

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