Check the Blood Test for Cancer

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Check the Blood Test for Cancer

Tumor & Cancer-Check the Blood Test for Cancer – When you are suspected having cancer, your doctor will order blood test for cancer or other laboratory tests immediately. Other laboratory tests include analysis of your urine and a biopsy of a suspicious area of your body. These tests will help guide the diagnosis.

Actually, blood test for cancer can’t absolutely show whether you have cancer, especially blood cancer, or some other dangerous condition. But the result can give the doctor some clues about your physical condition and what’s going on inside your body.

When the doctor has ordered blood test for cancer to look for signs of cancer in your body, that doesn’t mean that you are diagnosed having cancer. There are something that your doctor looking for when you done the blood test. Your samples will be collected for cancer blood test. And it will be analyze in a lab for sign of cancer.

Then, the samples will show cancer cells, proteins, or anything that made by the cancer. Besides showing signs of cancer, blood test can also give the doctor a condition of how well your body and organs are functioning. It is also shows how your body and organs if it has been affected by cancer.

What Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosed Beside Blood

  1. Tumor marker tests. Tumor cells make chemicals called tumor marker. The chemicals can be detected in your blood with blood test. But, tumor cells are not the only one who produce tumor marker. Some normal cells in your body can produce tumor marker. And the level may be raised significantly in noncancerous condition. Because of this fact, diagnosing cancer by tumor marker test is limited. Tumor marker test would be considered enough to make the diagnosis of cancer become firm only in extremely rare circumstances. The use of tumor marker test is still controversial until now. And there is no best way that has been determined to use tumor marker test in diagnosing cancer.
  2. Blood protein testing. An electrophoresis test can be used to examine various proteins in our blood. This test also used to detect certain immunoglobulins (abnormal immune system proteins) that are increase sometimes in people with many myelomas. Beside blood protein testing, a bone marrow biopsy also used to detect a suspected diagnosis in our body.
  3. Complete blood count (CBC). CBC is a common blood test that will be using a sample of your blood to measure the amount of various types of blood cells. Although this test is a common test, but it can detect blood cancers if the result shows too few or too many of a type blood cell or abnormal cells. Another test which may help diagnose blood cancer is a bone marrow biopsy.
  4. Circulating tumor cell test. Blood test for cancer also diagnosed this. It is the development of recent blood test so this test can detect cells that produced by original cancer site and floating in the bloodstream. Circulating tumor cell test has been used to diagnosed people with prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer.
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