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Colon Cancer Test

Tumor & Cancer. Blood Colon Cancer Test At Home-Testing or Examining yourself for colon cancer has become much more precise and easier. Cologuard is a do it yourself kit that enables one to roll up your feces sample in the privacy of your house. It was approved by the FDA.

New blood test for colon cancer screening: Questions remain

One edge of the evaluation is the way it can screen the 35% of those who aren’t being screened in any way. For the majority people in the area of cancer prevention, we believe that any screening, evaluation is preferable to no screening evaluation in any way,” Chang said.

But he stresses patients will lull right into a false sense of security. Analyzing negative for colon cancer with this particular evaluation doesn’t always show the patient doesn’t have alternative indications of early colon cancer, or any precancerous growths, called polyps. This test finds late stage cancers more than it does early phases, but by then it may be too late to get treatment.

“I believe this new evaluation will probably be worth a dialogue by means of your physician.” “Simply, don’t forget the demon is in the facts, and you will find limits with this particular evaluation.”

Those screening evaluations fecal occult blood testing (FOBT), sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy. Your physician can help you on program and the best screening evaluations for you based on risk factors and your family history.

FOBT-These evaluations screen feces samples for evaluation and needs to be performed yearly as either an integral part of an at home evaluation or in the physician’s office.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy-With this evaluation, the doctor inserts a lighted tube to the lower third of the colon to find other indications of cancer along with polyps. This evaluation is recommended every 5 years using every 3 years and the FOBT.

Colonoscopy-The doctor scrutinizes the whole colon as opposed to just a part of it, although this evaluation is much like the flexible sigmoidoscopy. Precancerous polyps may be taken out through the process, which evaluation is recommended.

How Can It Work?
A kit is sent to your house once your physician orders the evaluation. A stool sample is collected by you and send it into a laboratory in a prepaid, pre-addressed box. The laboratory will send results to your physician within 2 weeks.

Exactly what Does the Colon Cancer Test Do?
It ascertains if there’s blood in your feces — a common sign of colon cancer or of precancerous polyps (abnormal growths of tissue). The laboratory workers may also try to find DNA cell changes.
Colon cancer is preventable if precancerous polyps are discovered and removed.

Can I Consider It (Colon Cancer Test)?

Women and men 50 or older need to ask their physician which kind of screening test is appropriate for them.
For those who have these risk factors, you need to get a colonoscopy evaluation:

  • A preceding analysis
  • Within a colonoscopy, your physician uses little camera and a flexible tube to go through the lining of your colon.

Pros say the most effective method prevents the disorder would be to really have a colonoscopy every 10 years and to screen for colon cancer.

Imagine if My At Home Evaluation Finds Cancer?
In case your Cologuard evaluation has positive findings, your physician is going to do a colonoscopy to validate the results for those who have them and to eliminate any precancerous or cancerous growths.

Imagine if I Evaluation Says I Do Not Have Colon Cancer?
You still need to get screening evaluations. One alternative for colon cancer screening is a stool DNA test every 3 years.

How Can Cologuard Compare to Other At Home Colon Cancer Evaluations?
Other at home evaluations need you to prep the body. It’s also more precise than many others.
In a clinical trial that screamed, Cologuard individuals 10,000 discovered more cancer cases than other commonly used evaluation, the fecal immunochemical blood test. The April 2014 study printed in The New England Journal of Medicine additionally revealed that precancerous growths were discovered by Cologuard.

What Are The Drawbacks Colon Cancer Test?
Cologuard, like other screening procedures, can give results that are wrong. It may signify when you really do not, that you’ve got colon cancer or precancerous polyps. Or it may say you do not have a possible issue when you actually do, and it was simply missed by the evaluation. Polyps can be missed by a colonoscopy, but the chances are extremely low. That is why this evaluation is still considered the gold standard by many physicians.

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