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bladder cancer survival rates

Tumor & CancerBladder Cancer Survival Rates Information-In this recent day, there are various kinds of cancer which can be suffered by people. One of them is bladder cancer. The bladder itself is the hollow organ in the lower pelvis or abdomen. The function of it is to collect and store urine from kidneys. Bladder cancer occurs when the normal cells in this organ becomes degenerative and dangerous. Certain part of the organ which has had this abnormal cell does not mean that the rest of the organ is safe. It is caused by the process of metastasis in which the cells will spread to the other areas even to the whole body when it has been on the last stage. In addition, of you want to get more information relating to bladder cancer and bladder cancer survival rates, you can read some of them in paragraphs below.

Types of Bladder Cancer

Talking about bladder cancer itself, there are several types of ot which can be suffered by people. It is caused by there are the different kinds of the cells which become cancerous. For the complete information as follow:

  • Urothelial carcinoma
    Also called as transitional cell carcinoma, it is the most common type of this kind of the cancer in USA. The cells itself actually the normal one that form the bladder wall or it is called as urothelium. Then, the normal cells undergo changes to be uncontrolled one called as cancer.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
    This cancer is from the cells typically will cause the inflammation or irritation in the bladder. It has taken place for months or maybe years. Those cells then will grow in flat masses of the interconnected cells.
  • Adenocarcinoma
    For the next one there is adenocarcinoma. These cancers are from the cells which make up glands. The glands is the parts that produces and also release fluids like mucus.

Bladder Cancer Survival Rates

Talking about the survival rates of this bladder cancer, here is the information for you. In USA, the amount of Urothelial carcinomas has been found more than 90% of all cases of bladder cancer.

Meanwhile, the squamous cell carcinomas are about 3%-8% of the whole amount of this cancer and adenocarcinomas is about 1%-2%.

The statistics note that in 2015 itself there are 76,960 adults (18,010 women and 58,950 men) have been diagnosed with this cancer. Among men, the bladder cancer becomes the fourth cancer which the most common one.

It has been estimated that bladder cancer has caused 16,390 deaths in which 11,820 men and 4,570 for women in 2015. Among men, this cancer becomes eighth cause that is the most common one of cancer death.

Moreover, here are the bladder cancer survival rates of those having been suffered from this cancer about 5 years. For general, the rate of people having this cancer in 5 years is 77%. After that, 70% for 10 years survival rate and only 65% for 15 year survival rate. However, this rate depends on many factors like the type and the stage of the bladder cancer itself.

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