10 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

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10 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Tumor & Cancer-10 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer-Ovarian cancer or often called as “the silent killer” is actually cancer in women and the most deadly one. Depending on the statistics found in American Cancer Society, there are only 20% to 30% women who alive after diagnosed the late stage of this cancer 5 years later. It means that there are 70% to 80% women died. That is why, all women should be careful with this kind of cancer. In addition, for the further information about this cancer including 10 warning signs of ovarian cancer, the following passage is the best answer of it.

Talking more about this cancer, it becomes the most deadly one in women since there are some factors caused it. To begin with, usually women who have diagnosed this cancer are on the last stage of the cancer. Indeed the cancer has been spread and the cells are difficult to be killed. After that, the symptoms which are vague and mild. Here, since the symptoms are like menstrual symptoms, women become hard to be differentiate which one is ovarian cancer signs. Of course it then will make this cancer is difficult to be known. Also, the less knowledge of women about ovarian cancer will be another thing causing the high rate of this cancer death.

That is why there are some things which all women can do. First, checking their condition to the doctors. It is important since they will know quickly when the cancer cells found in ovary. Here, they will do the pelvic exam in which a CT scan and blood test are going to be done. Next, they must know well about what ovarian cancer is including about the signs. The knowledge of this cancer indeed becomes very important since it helps the women to know well about how ovarian cancer can attack someone and the other important information actually.

After that, when there are the cancer cells in the ovary the treatment are various. It can be surgery when the cancer cells have not been spread yet. Otherwise chemotherapy is the common treatment done to kill the cancer cells.

Furthermore, for those who want to know more about this cancer, there 10 warning signs of ovarian cancer which all women should know as belows.

  • Abdominal pressure, fullness, bloating

  • Increased frequency of urination

  • Pelvic pain or pelvic discomfort

  • Loss of appetite or feeling full quickly after you eat

  • Indigestion or persistent gas

  • Constipation

  • Low back pain

  • Pain when do sexual activity

  • The increasing size of abdomen, here clothes fitting will be tighter around the hips and waist.

  • Fatigue

In this case, those signs or symptoms can be different in each woman. Also, not all of the 10 warning signs of ovarian cancer will be found when a woman has this ovary cancer. That is why, if you have experienced the symptoms above, the best thing to do is you see the doctors. After that you do some exam to know whether the cancer cells have infected in your ovary or not.


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